We're hiring a Web Application Developer: MOVE Project


Are you a developer looking for an opportunity to use your skills for the public good? Apply to join the Code for Canada MOVE Project team. We will be accepting applications on a rolling basis until 5 p.m. ET on July 16, 2021.

Code for Canada values an environment that is not only free of discrimination, but that also respects difference and allows employees to bring their whole selves to work. We operate with an anti-oppression mindset. We maintain awareness of and continue to be sensitive to structural oppression/privilege at work and in the communities we serve. We encourage individuals from under-represented groups to apply. Disability related accommodations are available on request for candidates taking part in our hiring process. Please contact us at jobs@codefor.ca with your needs or any questions you may have around this.

What is MOVE?

MOVE is a unique collaboration between civic tech non-profit Code for Canada and City of Toronto Transportation Services. MOVE aims to reimagine the way Transportation Services manages data about road usage and safety across the City.

MOVE started back in October 2018 as a Code for Canada fellowship project. Since then, we've released MOVE to thousands of internal City staff, who use it in their day-to-day work making Toronto's streets safer.

MOVE consists of two main components:

We're hiring for both pieces. This job posting is focused on the web application, but if you're interested, check out our Civic Data Engineer posting.

Why is MOVE awesome?

In process and practice, we aim for a civic startup culture.

We're (small-a) agile: we test with users early and often, we iterate quickly, we deliver up front. We prefer ongoing research, discovery, and validation to up-front requirements and specs.

We're tackling a big, important problem: everyone deserves to be able to easily navigate their city, and to be (and feel!) safe as they do so. By giving City staff better tools to understand safety and mobility, we can help make it easier to improve both. We're successful when we help our users reduce manual overhead, see all the data in one place, and build a shared understanding of definitions and processes.

We work in the open: our code is open-source, our process is visible. We're aiming not just to build A Thing, but to show how it's done. We give talks and workshops, both internal and external, to help share our knowledge. We listen and learn from those around us. We work with others, not for them.

We're pragmatic: we choose technologies, tools, and processes that work for the organization around us, so that this project can outlive any single person's contribution to it.

We're a small team (for better or for worse): a Product Manager, a Designer, a Civic Data Engineer, and a Web Application Engineer (who could be you!). We're cross-functional, and prefer collaboration and discussion to formal handoffs. We believe in using the right tools, and in adding processes only as needed. (We also work closely with the Data & Analytics team at Transportation Services.)

What would I be responsible for?

You'll fully own the development of MOVE's web application. This includes:

What would help me succeed in this role?

This is a wishlist, not a checklist! You're strongly encouraged to apply even if you don't tick all the boxes.



How do I apply?

Send the following to jobs@codefor.ca:

Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.

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