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Bring civic tech to your city

Our mission is to bring policymakers, technologists and designers together to learn from one another and make their communities better places to live. We support grassroots civic tech community groups across Canada by providing the information and connections they need to get off the ground or scale up! Whether you’re looking to connect with other civic technologists, find a venue, secure a sponsor, or just get the word out, these resources can help.

Explore the Civic Tech Toolkit

Code for Canada’s Civic Tech Community Organizer Toolkit is a digital resource, hosted on Google Drive, that contains advice on how to start, sustain and grow a civic tech community group in your area. Feel free to leave comments and suggestions throughout the documents for updates and improvements.

Connect with other organizers

Code for Canada is pleased to host a Slack community channel for civic tech organizers across Canada. The channel is a place where civic tech practitioners can learn, share and grow together! Fill out this form to sign up, and we’ll send you an invitation!

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