Education & Training

Build your toolkit

We offer courses, training and workshops to help governments, community groups and entrepreneurs learn how they can put technology and design to work for the public good. 

What we offer:

Workshops for the civic tech community

We design and deliver workshops that enable community members to grow their tech and design skills and deepen their understanding of decision-making processes in government. Our first workshop, User Research 101, offers a hands-on opportunity to develop the skills needed to ensure your civic tech projects are grounded in community needs.

Courses for public servants

We offer professional development opportunities for public servants who want to lead digital change in the public sector. Our course, Digital Government and Civic Tech, offered through Ryerson University’s Chang School of Continuing Education, provides government staff with an introduction to civic tech tools with a strong focus on case studies and practical applications.

Training for government teams

We offer custom professional development workshops to support municipal staff who want to get the most out of digital tools and processes, or partner with community groups through our Municipal Network.

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