Civic Tech Education


Digital Government and Civic Tech:

A course for public sector innovators

Modern technology enables government services that are more responsive and resident-focused. In order to deliver these new tech-enabled services, governments need a strong understanding of the tools and processes of both tech and design.

Digital Government and Civic Tech (CVUP 110), a unique course offered through Ryerson University’s Chang School of Continuing Education, introduces public servants to these concepts and prepares them to lead digital transformation in the public sector. With a strong focus on case studies and practical applications, the course covers emerging best practices in digital government, including prototyping, human-centred design, and agile project management.

The course is taught by Code for Canada staff, and features guest lectures from recognized leaders in civic tech and innovation in Canada.

By the end of the course, students will be familiar with the tools, methods, and processes of digital government, and be able to identify opportunities to apply them to their own work.

What does the course offer?

Practical learning

The course is based on practical examples and case studies of government innovation from around the world.

Hands-on experience

Students will learn to use the tools of digital government and civic tech, and discover ways to apply them to their own work.

Access to experts

Guests and speakers will share their experience of bringing new technology into government.


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