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Why governments choose Code for Canada

The Code for Canada Fellowship is an experiential learning program for government teams that helps to build digital capacity and accelerate culture change across your organization.

With Code for Canada fellows, the strategy is delivery. By hosting a team of digital professionals for ten months, government teams are able to deliver on specific projects while simultaneously building their own internal capacity.

What the fellowship can do for your team

Deliver better services for residents

Harness the power of digital from experienced professionals and make real progress on a digital technology government project.

Catalyze culture change

Pilot new ways of working and enable your organization to transform how it serves both staff and stakeholders.

Build your organization's digital capacity

Demonstrate what’s possible when the latest methods of user research and product design are applied to public sector challenges.

Break down silos

Engage a broad group of stakeholders in training and program activities, and facilitate collaboration across the organization

The Code for Canada Fellowship: a proven model

Code for Canada’s fellowship program has a track record of productive collaboration with government hosts. We know how to recruit talented tech and design professionals, and the program is designed to help them, and their public sector partners, get results.

Setting up for success

The fellowship is not just a way of building new technology — the program a carefully designed combination of digital training and technology delivery. It helps create a strong foundation for digital transformation within public sector organizations while minimizing the risk and overhead associated with change initiatives.

If you’re considering hosting fellows in your department, here are some of the ingredients for a successful collaboration: a well-defined and well-scoped challenge (but not a solution), a team that’s ready to collaborate and willing to try new ways of working, and buy-in from senior leadership.

Start your fellowship journey

Code for Canada is actively seeking government partners for our fellowship program. If you’d like to learn more about how the fellowship can help your team build digital capacity and better fulfill your mandate, contact Sagar Jha at sagar@codefor.ca.

Click here for a detailed description of the fellowship program, including timelines, project scoping, information about onboarding and more.