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Accelerating digital transformation

The Code for Canada Fellowship is an experiential learning program for government teams that helps to build digital capacity and kickstart culture change across the organization. As part of the 16-month program, Code for Canada places digital professionals inside government, where they use their skills to help public sector teams to harness design and technology to address challenges. Using 21st century digital skills and methods like user-centered design and iterative development, fellows spend nine months collaborating with government staff to create a digital product that improves the delivery of a government service or function.

The Code for Canada fellowship program is transformational. While the output of the program is typically a digital product, the process acts as a vehicle for driving cultural and structural change inside of government — encouraging innovation, improving tolerance for risk, and increasing the capacity for transparency and engagement.

The fellowship program: A proven model

The Code for Canada fellowship is modelled after similar programs at Code for America and Code for Australia. These groups have found the brightest and most passionate minds in technology, sent them into their respective governments, and enabled them to build great digital public services. Their fellows have made a lasting and measurable impact on the lives of residents, whether helping them access social services, seek justice or find employment.

What the fellowship can do for your team

Harness the power of digital to deliver services that better meet resident needs

Get direct access to world-class digital professionals who use their skills to help your team better deliver on your mandate by accelerating a targeted, focused intensive project. The Code for Canada fellowship program demonstrates what’s possible when we apply the latest thinking and digital delivery practices to the important work of government.

Accelerate the development of your organization’s digital capacity

We bring the best and brightest minds in design, development and project management directly into your organization. Collaboration and exposure to fellows’ work throughout the project facilitates a ‘learning by doing’ approach; government teams build internal knowledge, skills and capacity which increases their ability to deliver digital services, well beyond the fellowship program.

A pilot to transform the way your organization works and serves its stakeholders

Digital transformation can be extremely complex and risky. The fellowship acts as a pilot for digital transformation — it allows your team to work with fellows to show what’s possible when you apply modern digital techniques to public sector problems while also experimenting with new skills and team make-ups before committing to organizational-wide initiatives.

Start your fellowship journey

Code for Canada is actively seeking government partners for our fellowship program. If you’d like to learn more about how the fellowship can help your team build digital capacity and better fulfill your mandate, contact Gabe Sawhney at gabe@codefor.ca

Click here for a detailed description of the fellowship program, including timelines, project scoping, information about onboarding and more.

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