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Improved services, better outcomes

Since 2017, Code for Canada fellows have worked with teams from all three levels of government to build great digital products and services. Check out the presentations below to learn more about the impact fellows have had, both inside and outside of government. 

The Public Service Commission of Canada: eMIB

As a direct result of the fellowship, Canada’s Public Service Commission has updated its tech stack to include modern tools like ReactJS, Django and Docker. Using these tools, fellows and the PSC built a prototype, cloud-based digital assessment (the eMIB) for aspriing managers in the federal public service. The tool will be piloted across the PSC in 2020.

Toronto Transportation Services: Move

Working with the Big Data Innovation Team at Toronto Transportation Services fellows built a user-friendly platform called Move that combined traffic and collision data into one searchable application. Staff can now more easily request and track traffic data, improving their ability to make data-driven decisions that keep the city’s roads safe. 

Veterans Affairs Canada: Find Benefits and Services

Find Benefits and Services is a new digital tool built by Code for Canada fellows in partnership with Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) and the Canadian Digital Service (CDS). Since the work done by the fellows, the VAC team has iterated on the product, taking it from alpha to beta to live! The tool helps veterans navigate the robust — but complex — benefit programs offered by VAC.

International examples

The Code for Canada fellowship is based on successful programs run by organizations like Code for America and Code for Australia. These groups have found the brightest and most passionate minds in technology, sent them into their respective governments, and enabled them to build great digital public services. Their fellows have made a lasting and measurable impact on the lives of residents, whether helping them access social services, seek justice or find employment.

Social services: GetCalFresh

GetCalFresh is an online application developed by Code for America, which helps Californians access healthy food through the state’s food stamp program. Code for America fellows redesigned the application portal for the program, reducing the time needed to apply by 80 per cent, and making the process easier, more accessible, and ultimately more respectful of residents.

Economic development: BizPort

BizPort helps aspiring entrepreneurs in Long Beach, California, navigate the steps to start a small business. The previous process to obtain permits was piecemeal and cumbersome for business owners and city staff. Code for America fellows gathered the necessary information in one, easy-to-use online application that lets entrepreneurs spend less time on paperwork and more time growing their business.

Access to justice: Legal Aid Checker

Victoria Legal Aid provides legal assistance to over 200,000 Australians every year, and demand for their services is growing. Code for Australia fellows developed an online triaging app that helps residents find the legal assistance they need, while saving the agency time and resources. The application is expected to save 30 hours of staff time per week.

Reducing barriers: Clear My Record

In the United States, a criminal record can prevent you from getting a job, finding a home or applying for student aid. Code for America fellows, in partnership with the Government of California, developed an online application that makes it easier for people with low-level convictions to clear their criminal records and move forward with their lives.

Hear from the experts

At Code for Canada, we believe connecting talented tech and design professionals with government teams is the fastest and most effective route to great digital public services — but you don’t have to take our word for it! Hear from Ontario Chief Digital Officer Hillary Hartley, and Becca Blazak, a former Program Manager at Code for America and an accomplished Code for Australia fellow, about the impacts of fellowship.

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