GRIT (Gathering Residents to Improve Technology)

Inclusive User Experience Research, Design, and Testing

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Technology that’s built with users works better. But far too often, digital products are designed and tested in ways that excludes important voices. That’s why we created GRIT, a user research and usability testing service that connects technology creators from across sectors with diverse and underrepresented communities across Canada.

GRIT's mission is to put the 'us' back into usability testing.

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How it Works

A truly representative community

GRIT's community includes residents from all corners of the country. Our testers represent a diversity of backgrounds, lived experiences, abilities and technical skill levels.

A bespoke testing experience

No GRIT project is the same. We work closely with clients to scope and design tests, and to connect them with the users they need to hear from.

Tests that respect users

Whether in person or remote, GRIT tests are designed to make users feel comfortable and respected. Our high-trust environment results in unique feedback that can make digital products work better, and for more people.

Privacy is paramount

As a Canadian non-profit, we take data and privacy seriously. Any personal data collected by GRIT is done in accordance with Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). You can find our complete privacy policy here.

Test with GRIT

Code for Canada’s GRIT program facilitates better, more inclusive and accessible usability testing. The service engages residents—and compensates them—to help shape the technology that’s meant to serve them.


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"The benefits of working with GRIT to ensure diversity in our research extend beyond fulfilling our values, into actionable insights that drive product impact."

- Katie Hill, Connected


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