Thank you to everyone who attended the 2019 Code for Canada Showcase!

The 2019 Code for Canada Showcase

7/24 – Ottawa

7/29 – Edmonton

A Canadian celebration of civic tech

Working inside and outside of government, innovators from Canada’s civic tech community are delivering real results for residents. 

In 2019, the Code for Canada Showcase expanded to include events in both Ottawa and Edmonton.

Across both cities, over 250 people gathered together to celebrate the momentum of civic tech in Canada, and to learn from those working at the intersection of technology and the public interest.


of Showcase attendees said the event helped them increase their knowledge of civic tech and digital government.

“We believe that using technology and design to deliver better experiences for residents is an important step towards increasing trust between government and residents, and that trust is an essential ingredient for a healthy democracy.”

Gabe Sawhney

Executive Director, Code for Canada

The Code for Canada Fellowship: Showing what’s possible

The highlight of the Showcase was watching the Code for Canada fellows take the stage alongside their government partners from Transport Canada, the Public Service Commission of Canada and Toronto Transportation Services. The teams unveiled the 21st century public services they built, and shared how the fellowship helped accelerate digital capacity building in their departments. 

“If our product can make that experience exciting, engaging, or even pleasant, that’s amazing. That’s what they’ll take away from a government experience.”

Fatima Khalid

Code for Canada fellow, Transport Canada

“Putting an alpha out and seeing how our staff responded to this real, tangible thing that they could immediately play around with was incredibly satisfying for our team.”

Aakash Harpalani

Project Lead, Toronto Transportation Services

“Above and beyond technology, the Code for Canada fellows started asking this one key question: why?”

Mathieu Kralj

ITSD Manager, Public Service Commission of Canada

Keynote Speakers

“How can we take ethics and ethical structures and build a framework that people can actually use as part of the product development process?”

Lane Becker

Research Associate, Governance Futures Lab

“It’s worth the risk to include people in the product. It’s worth the work to be open. And it’s worth the effort to be inclusive.”

Daniel Tse

Product Manager, Canadian Digital Service

Lightning Talks

“We tore down the cubicles, and we fight every day for open source and cloud and research with real live citizen users.”

Dominique Bohn

Chief Officer, Alberta Digital Innovation Office

“This project was really galvanizing for our team and it filled a real need in our community.”

Hayley Rutherford

Volunteer, Civic Tech Waterloo Region

“There’s a way of contributing to civic tech without being technical.”

Eugene Chen

Co-organizer, BetaCity YEG

“Co-designing is the act of designing with, not for. It’s a continuous engagement process, every step of the way.”

Cheryl Li

Designer, Inclusive Design Research Centre

“We’re solving what we believe is one of the most central problems in government: we’re streamlining approvals.” 

Ben Sanders

Co-founder & CEO, Proof

“Staying awake to the present moment has greatly impacted my ability to serve others as a change agent.”

Laura Wesley

Executive Director, Canada Privy Council Office

“We’ve trained 167 Indigenous software testers from 45 communities acoss Canada.”

Justin Houle

Software Tester, PLATO Testing

“We started as a hackathon project and we’ve built it out as a successful business and scaled the impact we can have.”

Luke Closs

Director of Operations, ReCollect

“We are shipping software every day by showing our work often, by sharing our failures and being open in our communication.”

Kelsey Merkley

Senior Policy Advisor, Ontario Digital Service

“If we want to launch sustainable and trustworthy digital-era governments, we need to secure democratic license in the first place.”

Amanda Clarke

Public Affairs Research Excellence Chair, Carleton University

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