About Us

Our Vision

We believe in a more prosperous, sustainable, and equitable Canada, driven by improved policy and citizen engagement, and enabled through civic technology and design.

Why Code for Canada?

Residents and businesses in Canada are used to life at the speed of the internet, and want their governments to function at the same pace. But to meet these new expectations, governments require new skills, new methods and new tools.

Code for Canada will serve as the connective tissue between government innovators and the tech community. By bringing government and civic tech together, we can facilitate knowledge sharing and work collaboratively to build the digital tools residents expect.

What We Do

Evolving the way government accesses digital talent and deploys digital services won’t happen overnight. However, supported by a growing network of partners and bolstered by the best practices established by our international counterparts, Code for Canada is confident we can demonstrate what’s possible when technology and government work in unison.

Here’s how we’ll do that:


  • A fellowship program that will embed teams of three people with strong tech, design and data skills into government departments to work on the issues that matter to Canadians.
  • A community network program to support the creation and growth of grassroots civic tech groups in cities across the country.
  • A suite of education and training workshops to help governments, community groups and entrepreneurs learn how to put technology, data and design to work for the public good.

How Can You Help?

Are you passionate about building a more connected and equitable Canada? Then consider applying for one of our fellowships, participating in your local civic tech group (or starting one of your own!), or attending one of our Open Houses.

We’re leading a nationwide movement, and we want you to be part of it.

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