Hacking Democracy Conference

Hacking Democracy Conference

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Date & Time

October 27, 2023

8:00am - 11:00am




Have you ever wondered why digital services provided by governments are sometimes not ideal? Whether they are safe? Have you thought about how to push the government to improve those services? Have you thought about creating digital services or applications for democracy or social good by yourself , and invite governments to work with you? If so - FNF’s Hacking Democracy Conference is here for you! The Conference will be on Oct 27, 2023, GMT 8:00-11:00am (GMT+8 16:00-19:00), online via webex. Please click here to register!

In 2023, we want to demonstrate how the collaboration between governments and civic tech communities successfully “reprograms” the making of public digital services or applications. Therefore, we invite experts and practitioners around the world to write case studies about their country for our Examples of Collaboration between Government and Civic Tech Communities around The Worldpublication, which collects case studies from Germany, Indonesia, Morocco, Mexico, Tunisia, Taiwan, and the United States. We will share with you this publication at FNF’s Hacking Democracy Conference!