IT and Innovation Roadshow

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Date & Time

March 1, 2023 - March 16, 2023




The multi-city, IT & Innovation Roadshow, will travel coast to coast from March 1st to March 16th, 2023. This event is packed with practical case study sessions, interactive panels, and round table discussions to help you design a blueprint to harness IT technologies to optimize service delivery and citizen outcomes. This series will also feature drill-down roundtables, allowing you to delve into the array of platforms and technological solutions available to help you sift and separate the technologies and tools most relevant to your department and digital journey.

At the IT & Innovation Roadshow hear first-hand about what your future tech stack should look like, the emerging tech trends and strategies that are being used to bridge the digital divide and get insights into industry best practices. Also, take advantage of practical advice on how to move to, secure, and optimize cloud services. What steps should you be taking to modernize legacy processes to adapt and meet citizen expectations? More critically, what is being done to attract and retain expertise and talent which is vital to keep pace with rapid change and the ongoing modernization of government services?

Innovation & IT Roadshow will delve into these questions and more. Join us to debate and compare innovative strategies and technologies to leverage IT to increase productivity and drive citizen-first processes!