Monitoring and evaluation for digital government

Event Details

Date & Time

November 4, 2020 - November 4, 2020

1:30pm - 3:00pm




What gets measured gets improved. So how do we measure things like culture change, capacity building and digital transformation?

Led by Code for Canada’s Monitoring and Evaluation Manager, this hands-on workshop will show you how to apply emerging evaluative methods to digital government projects. You’ll leave with new tools and new approaches that will help you identify and overcome the challenges of monitoring and evaluation in civic tech.

Who should attend? Anyone involved in M&E in government or tech, product owners seeking to learn more about how to monitor the efficacy of their services, executives who want to measure and demonstrate advances in digital capacity or maturity, or anyone who cares about measuring more than just vanity metrics.

  • Merlin Chatwin, Monitoring and Evaluation Manager, Code for Canada