Public Sector Network: Public Sector Innovation Show – Federal

Public Sector Innovation Show – Federal

Event Details

Date & Time

February 27, 2024



Ottawa Conference & Event Centre

200 Coventry Rd, Ottawa, ON K1K 4S3

In the dynamic landscape of the Federal Government, innovation is the driving force propelling Canada towards a sustainable, inclusive, and prosperous future.

Embracing mission-oriented objectives, tackling pressing challenges head-on, and seeking cutting-edge solutions to drive progress are the keys to success. From propelling digital governance to harnessing data analytics and transformative technologies, the journey towards a pioneering tomorrow demands collaborative efforts and boundless ingenuity.

On February 27th, at our Public Sector Innovation Show Federal, we’re bringing together trailblazers and decision-makers to unlock the potential of innovation within the public sector. Discover the latest breakthroughs, explore transformative ideas, and exchange insights that will shape a stronger, more resilient Canada.