TICTeC: The Impacts of Civic Technology Conference

The Impacts of Civic Technology Conference

Event Details

Date & Time

June 12, 2024 - June 14, 2024


London, UK and virtual


After twenty years of mySociety, and with TICTeC’s 10th anniversary coming up in 2025 – we want to think about what is needed now to match the big challenges of the next twenty years.

As well as examining the impact that civic technology is having upon societies around the world, the big question we want to answer via TICTeC is:

What is needed to make civic tech on a global scale more successful and impactful, to tackle global problems around democracy and climate change?

This breaks down into two sub questions that we want to explore. What is the role of civic tech in:

  • safeguarding and advancing democracy/transparency where it is under threat?
  • enabling the effective and democratic change needed to meet the challenge of climate change?