Training Series: Communicating in the Open [2/2]

2021 03 CHT communicating in the open

Event Details

Date & Time

March 17, 2021 - March 17, 2021

12:00pm - 1:15pm


Civic Hall Toronto


This session aims to help public servants move their projects, their teams, and their processes into the open

Why does Communicating in the Open matter?

As digital practices become best practices in government, public sector teams are being called on more often to discuss and share their work. And for good reason: open communication is one of the most effective tools governments can use to build trust, increase engagement, or improve the efficacy and uptake of new products and policies.

But despite the benefits, government teams have been slow to shift how they communicate. According to the OECD, less than 10 percent of governments list promoting transparency or encouraging stakeholder participation as one of the key objectives of their communication strategy. And activities like blogging or being active on social media can still be challenging in departments where communication is seen as a risk rather than an opportunity.

Who is this training for?

Led by Luke Simcoe (Director of Outreach at Code for Canada and Skaidra Puodžiūnas (Senior Engagement Advisor at Ontario Digital Services), this training series will help public servants move their projects, their teams, and their processes into the open. Over the course of two 75-minute workshops, participants will learn how to tell a great story about their work and become catalysts for better communication in their organizations.

What to Expect

In Part 2 (March 17), you will…

    • Learn the common elements of every great story and how to find them in your work.
    • Get in touch with your inner storyteller through a fun, facilitated writing exercise.

Important Notes:

  • Please note that members need to register for each session separately.
  • This training series is exclusively open to our paid members and C4C Fellows.
  • Training sessions will take place on WebEx and registered attendees will receive the event link prior to the session.
  • If you have any questions, feel free to contact