Demystifying Data for Public Servants [part 1/3]

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Event Details

Date & Time

February 10, 2021

12:00pm - 1:00pm


Civic Hall Toronto


Led by Alex Chen, Senior Statistics Advisor with the Government of Ontario, this 3-part Training Series will introduce participants to working with data in a government environment.

We’ll cover general best practices, tools, and techniques related to data management, visualization, and privacy, and discuss relevant examples for public servants new to data science or those looking for a refresher to level up their skills.

What to Expect:

In Part 1, we will discuss...

What is data and how do we collect it?

  • Go through the basics of data and data collection
  • Explain why data collection
  • Work through a real-world example of a data collection issue

In Part 2, we will discuss...

How do we make sense of all the data we collect?

  • What is data analysis?
  • What is a summary statistic?
  • What is inferential statistics?
  • What is the difference between statistics and machine learning?
  • As a policymaker, how do we find something out with a data scientist?

In Part 3, we will discuss...

How do I tell a story with my data?

  • We now have analysis! How do we communicate it?
  • What makes data into a compelling story and visual?
  • The importance of user research in developing data visualizations?

⚠️ Important Note:

  • Please note that members need to register for each session separately.
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  • This training series is exclusively open to our paid members.
  • Training sessions will take place on WebEx and registered attendees will receive the event link prior to the session.
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