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The Code for Canada Collaboration model embeds digital professionals inside government where they work on projects that matter. Collaborators work alongside their public sector partners to deliver digital services that are more effective, accessible, and inclusive.

We aim to not only build something with our government partners, but leave them with the knowledge and skills required to sustain and improve after our work together is done. We do this of course, at a fraction of what larger for-profit firms charge.

Together, we demonstrate what’s possible when the latest methods in software development, design thinking, user experience and product management are applied to serving the public.

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How It Works

We learn about your goals and challenges

From articulating problem statements to co-creating scopes of works, we make sure we thoroughly understand what you're up against before diving in.

We assemble exceptional talent to meet your needs

We recruit and deploy a team of professional technologists (aka: our "Code for Canada Collaborators"), tailored for your unique needs and project goals.

Great at what they do and at bringing others along

We only recruit individuals who are both highly skilled in their respective fields (development, design, data, product management, etc.) as well as excellent at communicating, coaching, and knowledge sharing.

Advance the project while sharpening your digital capacity

Collaborators co-develop products alongside partners using agile methodologies and user-centred design, offering a unique 'hands-on' professional development opportunity for internal teams.

We work with the bigger picture in mind

We're not here to build something behind a curtain and then toss it over when we're done. We design for sustainability in mind, (aka: avoiding vendor carousels or lock-in, ) which means recognizing the totality of the challenge and thinking beyond the product roadmap to what is good for the renewal and vitality of our public and institutions.


Case Study

Case Study: Building Digital Government Talent Pipelines Recruitment and Retention for Digital Era Government