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What is Civic Tech Marketplace?

At Code for Canada's Civic Tech Marketplace (also known as CTMP), we believe in the transformative power of technology to address societal challenges and to enhance public services. Serving as Canada's hub for civic tech support, we bring together a diverse community of technologists, designers, and problem solvers dedicated to making a positive impact.

The Civic Tech Marketplace is a platform that connects public-benefit organizations to volunteer digital professionals who are ready to help put their skills towards a good cause.

How does the Civic Tech Marketplace work?

Organizations Submit Challenges to the CTMP

Our team offers support to transform problems into actionable challenges.

Volunteers Apply to Challenges

Organizations receive comprehensive profiles and resumes of applicants.

Organizations Reach Out to Applicants and Find a Match

Our team and the organization will identify potential matches and align challenge goals.

Interviews are Conducted and Applicants are Notified

Thorough interviews ensure compatibility, and successful applicants will be promptly notified.

Challenge kick off! 

Our team will facilitate an initial kick-off after which volunteers will work directly with the organization

Ongoing Challenge Support and Challenge wrap up 

Our team provides continuous challenge support and concludes with a blog post that reports on challenge milestones and valuable insights

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Civic Tech Marketplace empowers you to harness the power of technology to overcome organizational challenges and drive positive change. By submitting a challenge, you open the door to innovative solutions crafted by our community of talented volunteers, technologists, and problem solvers.

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Whether you're a developer, designer, policymaker, or a concerned citizen, there's a place for you at Civic Tech Marketplace. Contribute your expertise to meaningful challenges and initiatives that align with your passion for civic engagement. Join us in building a more connected, empowered, and resilient Canada.

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