Building a Policy Difference Engine: A Code for Canada Fellowship Project

Policy Difference Engine

What if policymakers could understand the impact of policy proposals, BEFORE any changes are made?

Employment and Social Development Canada works to improve the quality of life for all Canadians in part through social programs and benefits. ESDC believed, to better help residents, government and policies needed to be more responsive to change, to emergencies, to opportunities and to the changing community needs and values. So, they wondered, how might we holistically understand the impact of policy changes, before we make them?

To make it happen they joined forces with Code for Canada to approach the challenge in a more digital way. Over the course of 10 months, Code for Canada's Fellowship team at Employment and Social Development Canada built the world's first Policy Difference Engine.

In this video, we share how the Policy Difference Engine can help understand and improve proposed regulations changes to ensure better quality of life outcomes. Learn about a Rules as Code approach and how

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